ParentBarItem Class

Represents the submenu that can be dropped down when part of a tool bar or another submenu in the XP Menus framework or when associated with a PopupMenu.
Object Model
ParentBarItem ClassImageExt ClassImageListAdv ClassImageListAdv ClassImageExt ClassImageListAdv ClassImageListAdv ClassImageExt ClassImageListAdv ClassBarItems ClassBarItem ClassImageListAdv ClassBarManager ClassImageListAdv ClassImageListAdv ClassVisuallyInheritableIntList ClassIntListDesignTime ClassIntListDesignTime Class

The Items property of this class lets you add BarItems to this ParentBarItem.

The MergeItems function allows you to merge two ParentBarItems together.

You can turn on partial menus behavior by setting the UsePartialMenus property to true.

You can also make the ParentBarItem act like a Checked-ListBox by setting the CloseOnClick property to false.

Note that when you call Dispose on the ParentBarItem object, it will not automatically dispose the BarItems in its Items collection. You will have to manually call Dispose on the children yourself, if necessary.

Take a look at our XPMenus samples under the Tools\Samples\Menus Package folder for usage example.
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Syncfusion.Tools.Windows: 17.4460.0.46

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