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Specifies the painting support during the BeginUpdate, EndUpdate batch.

BeginUpdate(BeginUpdateOptions) Method

Suspends the painting of the control until the EndUpdate method is called.
Public Overloads Overridable Sub BeginUpdate( _
   ByVal options As BeginUpdateOptions _
Dim instance As ScrollControl
Dim options As BeginUpdateOptions
public virtual void BeginUpdate( 
   BeginUpdateOptions options


Specifies the painting support during the BeginUpdate, EndUpdate batch.

When many paints are made to the appearance of a control, you should invoke the BeginUpdate method to temporarily freeze the drawing of the control. This results in less distraction to the user and a performance gain. After all updates have been made, invoke the EndUpdate method to resume drawing of the control.

Pass BeginUpdateOptions if you do not want to do a complete Refresh of the control and instead want to have certain regions of your control be invalidated or scroll the contents of control.

If you call BeginUpdate() and then later EndUpdate(), the control will know if a paint is pending and only refresh the control if a paint is pending. Calling ShouldPrepareUpdate, Invalidate or a WM_PAINT message during the BeginUpdate EndUpdate block will signal the control that a paint is pending.

Syncfusion.Shared.Base: 18.2460.0.44

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