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Syncfusion.Styles Namespace

Class Provides style identity information for nested expandable objects of the GridStyleInfo and TreeStyleInfo classes.
Class Represents a class that contains the properties for customizing the styles of the check box.
ClassImplements the data store for the CheckBoxStyleInfoBase object.
Class Specifies whether a property should be cloned.
Class Specifies whether a property should be disposed.
Class Specifies whether a property should be serialized.
ClassHolds all StyleInfoProperties used by derived classes. This should go in a product specific StaticData.

The concrete Style class could provide a static memory StaticData that belongs to the process and library.

ClassAllows you to specify a custom name for the StaticData field in a StyleInfoStore.
ClassProvides data for the StyleInfoBase.Changed event.
ClassProvides a wrapper object for the StyleInfoStore object with type safe access to all properties stored in the style object.

Style objects provide a very user friendly way to modify data. It is very much like in Excel VBA. For example, to change the bold setting for a cell, you simply call grid[5,2].Font.Bold = True.


Provides a type converter to convert expandable objects to and from various other representations.

ClassA form that displays a StyleInfoPropertyGrid with Apply and OK buttons.
ClassThis is an abstract base class that provides identity information for StyleInfoBase objects.
Class Provides a unique identifier for a property in a style object and stores information about the associated property.
ClassProvides data for the StyleInfoProperty.Format and StyleInfoProperty.Parse events.
ClassStyleInfoPropertyGrid is a System.Windows.Forms.PropertyGrid that will reset a specific property when the user right-clicks on the item.
ClassProvides data for the StyleInfoProperty.ReadXml event.
ClassProvides data for the StyleInfoProperty.WriteXml event.
ClassProvides storage for the StyleInfoBase object.
ClassStyleInfoSubObjectBase is an abstract base class for classes to be used as subobjects in a StyleInfoBase.
Class Provides style identity information for subobjects.
ClassValueConvert provides conversion routines for values to convert them to another type and routines for formatting values.
Class Represents the base class for visual styles to define the elements style.
ClassProvides storage for the VisualStyleBase object.
InterfaceImplements the StyleChanged method which is called from StyleInfoBase.OnStyleChanged of a StyleInfoBase if the object is in StyleInfoBase.WeakReferenceChangedListeners collection.
InterfaceImplement this interface if you want to assign this class to a StyleInfoBase object's property and you need to control whether the object should be cloned.
InterfaceDefines an interface implemented both by StyleInfoBase and StyleInfoStore that allows you to check the state of the object, read and write specific property and execute style operations with the ModifyStyle. method.
InterfaceIStyleInfoSubObject defines an interface for classes used as sub-objects in a StyleInfoBase.
EnumerationDefines how to serialize property when style data is serialized to or from an XML stream. with System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer.
Enumeration Specifies the options for style properties.
EnumerationStyleModifyType defines style operations for StyleInfoBase.ModifyStyle.
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