Engine Class

Represents the class that provides the engine to set the main data source for the whole engine. The TableDescriptor will pick up the ItemProperties (schema information) from the SourceList and table will be initialized at run-time with records from the list.
Object Model
Engine ClassITableEventsTarget InterfaceSourceListSet ClassSourceListSetEntry ClassTable ClassTableDescriptor Class
Public Class Engine 
   Inherits DescriptorBase
   Implements ITableEventsTarget 
Dim instance As Engine
public class Engine : DescriptorBase, ITableEventsTarget  
TableDescriptor is browsable. You can modify its collections and properties in the designer.

By default TableDescriptor is auto-populated. If you do not modify its settings and later change the data source, it will be automatically reinitialized. If you have made modifications to TableDescriptor and change the SourceList, the modifications will be kept. To discard modifications of a TableDescriptor, you need to explicitly call ResetTableDescriptor.

Table is dependent on information provided by TableDescriptor and the records from SourceList. It is created on the fly and can not be designed with designer.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Syncfusion.Grouping.Base: 18.1460.0.52

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