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Syncfusion.GroupingGridExcelConverter Namespace

The Syncfusion.GroupingExcelConverter contains classes that provides the functionality of exporting the contents of the Essential GridGroupingControl to an Excel sheet.
Class Provides excel exporting options such as CaptionSummary, Excluding the columns while exporting the grid and nested table.
ClassProvides data for the GridGroupingExcelConverterControl.QueryExportNestedTable event.
ClassProvides data about the GroupingGridExcelConverterControl.ExportElement event.
ClassImplements the exporting functionalities of Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Grid.Grouping.GridGroupingControl to Excel.
ClassProvides data about the GroupingGridExcelConverterControl.QueryCaptionText event.
ClassGroupingGridExcelConverterControl class provides support for Exporting data from a GroupingGridControl into an Excel spreadsheet for verification and/or computation. This Control automatically Copies the Grid's Styles, Formats to Excel. The GroupingGridExcelConverter Control is derived from Syncfusion.GridExcelConverter.GridExcelConverterBase.
Class Maintain all GridTables in a hash table with hierarchy level.
ClassProvides data about the GroupingGridExcelConverterControl.QueryExportPreviewRowInfo event.
ClassProvides data for the GridGroupingExcelConverterControl.QueryExportCellRange event.
ClassProvides data for the GridGroupingExcelConverterControl.QueryExportRowRange event.
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