CellValue Property (GridStyleInfo)

Gets or sets the cell value. Although the cell value is typically a string, it can also be any other primitive type such as int, byte, enum, or any custom type that is derived from System.Object.
<DescriptionAttribute("Contains cell value information of a cell.")>
Public Property CellValue As Object
Dim instance As GridStyleInfo
Dim value As Object
instance.CellValue = value
value = instance.CellValue
[Description("Contains cell value information of a cell.")]
public object CellValue {get; set;}

The default value for the CellValue property is String.Empty.

The property affects the behavior or appearance of the following cell types:

TODO: Explain how to set StylePropertyInfo.IsCloneable = false and StylePropertyInfo.IsDisposable = false or implement IStyleCloneable to avoid cloning and disposing of objects assigned to Tag.


Syncfusion.Grid.Windows: 18.2460.0.44

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