BackgroundImageMode Property

Gets or sets how the background image is displayed.
<DescriptionAttribute("Indicates how the image is displayed.")>
Public Property BackgroundImageMode As GridBackgroundImageMode
Dim instance As GridStyleInfo
Dim value As GridBackgroundImageMode
instance.BackgroundImageMode = value
value = instance.BackgroundImageMode
[Description("Indicates how the image is displayed.")]
public GridBackgroundImageMode BackgroundImageMode {get; set;}
Valid values for this property are taken from the GridBackgroundImageMode enumeration. By default, in BackgroundImageModeMode.Normal mode, the Image is placed in the upper left corner of the cell(s), and any part of the image too big for the cell(s) is clipped. Using the GridBackgroundImageModeMode.StretchImage value causes the image to stretch to fit the cell(s).

The default value for the BackgroundImageMode property is GridBackgroundImageMode.

The property affects the behavior or appearance of the following cell types:


Syncfusion.Grid.Windows: 17.4460.0.46

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