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GridSaveCellInfoEventArgs Class

Provides data about the SaveCellInfo event which can be marked as handled.
Object Model
GridSaveCellInfoEventArgs ClassGridStyleInfo Class
Public NotInheritable Class GridSaveCellInfoEventArgs 
   Inherits GridCellHandledEventArgs
Dim instance As GridSaveCellInfoEventArgs
public sealed class GridSaveCellInfoEventArgs : GridCellHandledEventArgs 
GridSaveCellInfoEventArgs is a custom event argument class used by the SaveCellInfo event to save style information about at a specified cell.

This event allows you to customize cell contents at run-time on demand, just before the cell is drawn or programmatically accessed through GridModel.Item, GridModel.ColStyles, GridModel.RowStyles, or GridModel.TableStyle.

If you made changes to Style you should also set Syncfusion.ComponentModel.SyncfusionHandledEventArgs.Handled to True. The grid will check this flag to see whether the style has been changed from its original settings.

The GridSaveCellInfoEventArgs members, e.ColIndex and e.RowIndex, specify column and row of the cell. The e.Style member holds the GridStyleInfo object whose properties this event should change provided it is a cell that you want to save changes for. It is possible that e.ColIndex and / or e.RowIndex may have the value of -1. A -1 indicates that a row style or column style is being saved. So, e.ColIndex = -1 and and e.RowIndex = 4 indicates the rowstyle for row 4 is being saved (GridControl.RowStyles[4]). Similarly, a positive column value with the row value = -1 would be a request for that particular columnstyle. If both values are -1, the TableStyle property is being saved.

Header rows and columns in an Essential Grid are treated the same as other rows and columns with respect to QueryCellInfo. If you have a single header row, anytime e.ColIndex is 0, a row header is being requested. Similarly, if you have a single column header row, e.RowIndex = 0 is a request for the column header.

See DataBoundGrid source code for example. The intention of this event is to store and retrieve data. See GridCellsChangedEventArgs for the related UI event after changes were made to the data store.

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