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GridRadioButtonCellRenderer Class

Implements the renderer part of a radio button cell.
Object Model
GridRadioButtonCellRenderer ClassGridCurrentCell ClassGridStyleInfo ClassGridCellButton ClassIGridDropDownContainer InterfaceIGridDropDownCellImp InterfaceIGridDropDownCellImp InterfaceGridControlBase ClassGridCellModelBase ClassGridStyleInfo Class
You set up radio buttons using an array of GridRadioButtonInfo objects. Each info object in this array corresponds to a single radio button. The properties for each button that you can set include GridRadioButtonInfo.Description, GridRadioButtonInfo.Alignment and GridRadioButtonInfo.Enabled. To get a cell to use a particular GridRadioButtonInfo[], you set the GridStyleInfo.ChoiceList to string collection that holds the descriptions for each button. If you want to disable a particular button, end the description with /disabled. You are limited to a maximum of ten buttons. The alignment setting is determined from the GridStyleInfo.TextAlign property.
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Syncfusion.Grid.Windows: 17.3460.0.26

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