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GridPushButtonCellRenderer Class

Implements the renderer part of a push button cell.
Object Model
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The push button cell is XP Themes enabled. It will be drawn themed if GridControlBase.ThemesEnabled is true.

A renderer is created for each GridCellModelBase and GridControlBase. There can be several renderers associated with one GridPushButtonCellModel if several views display the same GridModel.

The following table lists some characteristics about the PushButton cell type.

Item Description
CellType PushButton
Renderer GridPushButtonCellRenderer
Model GridPushButtonCellModel
XP Themes Support Yes
Cell Button GridCellButton
Interactive Click Only
Floating Support No
Base Type GridCellRendererBase

The cell's behavior and appearance can be customized with the following properties of the GridStyleInfo class.

PropertyName Description
GridStyleInfo.BaseStyle (System.String) The base style for this style instance with default values for properties that are not initialized for this style object. (Default: String.Empty)
GridStyleInfo.Borders (GridBordersInfo) Top, left, bottom, and right border settings. (Default: GridBordersInfo.Default)
GridStyleInfo.CellAppearance (GridCellAppearance) Specifies if cell edges shall be drawn raised, sunken, or flat (default). (Default: GridCellAppearance.Flat)
GridStyleInfo.CellTipText (System.String) ToolTip text to be displayed when user hovers mouse over cell. (Default: String.Empty)
GridStyleInfo.CellType (System.String) PushButton. (Default: TextBox)
GridStyleInfo.Clickable (System.Boolean) Specifies if the button can be clicked with the mouse. See GridStyleInfo.Enabled how to disable activating the cell as current cell. (Default: true)
GridStyleInfo.Description (System.String) Gets or sets the text that is shown in the button. (Default: String.Empty)
GridStyleInfo.Enabled (System.Boolean) Specifies if the cell can be activated as current cell or if cell should be skipped when moving the current cell. When disabled, the button will be drawn grayed out. (Default: true)
GridStyleInfo.Font (GridFontInfo) The font for drawing text. (Default: GridFontInfo.Default)
GridStyleInfo.HotkeyPrefix (System.Drawing.Text.HotkeyPrefix) Specifies how hot-key prefixes should be displayed. Hot-keys are indicated in text with an '&' (ampersand). When you enable hot-key prefix, the specific characters can be displayed underlined or regular. The '&' will not be displayed. (Default: HotkeyPrefix.Show)
GridStyleInfo.Interior (Syncfusion.Drawing.BrushInfo) The PushButton usually fills the whole cell area. Therefore the background is only visible if you programatically force the button to be smaller. (Default: SystemColors.Window)
GridStyleInfo.Themed (System.Boolean) Specifies if cell should be drawn using Windows XP themes when GridControlBase.ThemesEnabled has been set. (Default: true)
GridStyleInfo.Trimming (System.Drawing.StringTrimming) Indicates how text is trimmed when it exceeds the edges of the cell text rectangle. (Default: StringTrimming.Character)
GridStyleInfo.WrapText (System.Boolean) Specifies if text should be wrapped when it does not fit into a single line. (Default: true)

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