Default Property (GridMaskEditInfo)

Gets a default GridMaskEditInfo to be used with a default style.
Public Shared ReadOnly Property Default As GridMaskEditInfo
Dim value As GridMaskEditInfo
value = GridMaskEditInfo.Default
public static GridMaskEditInfo Default {get;}
The GridStyleInfo.Default of the GridStyleInfo class will return the validation info that this method generates through its overridden version of GetDefaultStyle.

Default settings are:

Property Value
AllowPrompt False
ClipMode ClipModes.IncludeInternals
DateSeparator '/'
DateTimeFormatInfoObject Culture.DateTimeFormat
DecimalSeparator '.'
Mask String.Empty
MaxValue int.MaxValue
MinValue 0
NumberFormatInfoObject Culture.NumberFormatInfo
PaddingCharacter ' '
PassivePromptCharacter ' '
SpecialCultureValue SpecialCultureValues.None
ThousandSeparator ','
TimeSeparator ':'
UsageMode MaskedUsageMode.Normal
UseLocaleDefault false
UseUserOverride true


Syncfusion.Grid.Windows: 18.1460.0.52

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