GridFormulaTag Class

Defines a class that encapsulates the parsed formula and computed value for a cell.
Public Class GridFormulaTag 
Dim instance As GridFormulaTag
public class GridFormulaTag 
This class holds the parsed value of the formula in its Formula property, and holds the computed value of the formula in its Text property. Each cell that is a formula cell stores a GridFormulaTag object in its GridStyleInfo.FormulaTag property. When the cell is drawn, if its GridFormulaTag.Formula property is empty, the formula in the GridStyleInfo.Text property is parsed, and placed into the GridFormulaTag.Formula property. If the GridFormulaTag.Text property is empty, the GridFormulaTag.Formula is computed, and the computed value is stored in GridFormulaTag.Text. Thus, formulas are parsed and computed only when the GridFormulaTag member is empty, otherwise, the stored values are used. Emptying these properties is how the Formula Engine initiates a refresh of the calculated values when dependent cells are modified.
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Syncfusion.Grid.Windows: 17.4460.0.46

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