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CurrentCellControlKeyMessage Event

This is called from the current cell control's ProcessKeyMessage method and gives you a chance to modify the default behavior of this method. Be aware that this is a very implementation-specific method and you should only handle this event if KeyDown, KeyUp, CurrentCellKeyDown, or CurrentCellKeyUp events are not good enough.
Public Event CurrentCellControlKeyMessage As GridCurrentCellControlKeyMessageEventHandler
Dim instance As GridControlBase
Dim handler As GridCurrentCellControlKeyMessageEventHandler
AddHandler instance.CurrentCellControlKeyMessage, handler
public event GridCurrentCellControlKeyMessageEventHandler CurrentCellControlKeyMessage
Event Data

The event handler receives an argument of type GridCurrentCellControlKeyMessageEventArgs containing data related to this event. The following GridCurrentCellControlKeyMessageEventArgs properties provide information specific to this event.

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the flag that indicates if base class version of ProcessKeyMessage should be called. This flag will be ignored if callProcessKeyPreview is True.  
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the flag that indicates if ProcessKeyPreview should be called. This will trigger Grid.OnKeyDown and Grid.OnKeyUp events. CurrentCellKeyDown, and CurrentCellKeyPress events might also be triggered from Grid's ProcessKeyPreview method.  
Gets the active control with focus (Read-only).  
Indicates whether the event has been handled and no further processing of the event should happen. (Inherited from Syncfusion.ComponentModel.SyncfusionHandledEventArgs)
Gets the original windows message (Read-only).  
Gets or sets a value indicating whether return value for ProcessKeyMessage when you set Syncfusion.ComponentModel.SyncfusionHandledEventArgs.Handled to true. Otherwise this value is ignored.  
Gets or sets a value indicating whether cell should be scrolled into view.  

Syncfusion.Grid.Windows: 17.4460.0.39

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