CellRenderers Property (GridControlBase)

Gets the collection of GridCellRendererBase objects for the current grid view method.
Public ReadOnly Property CellRenderers As GridCellRendererCollection
Dim instance As GridControlBase
Dim value As GridCellRendererCollection
value = instance.CellRenderers
public GridCellRendererCollection CellRenderers {get;}
Cell renderers will be created on demand by calling the GridCellModelBase.CreateRenderer. Each renderer is associated with a GridCellModelBase object that holds its data and has knowledge how to instantiate a renderer and associates it with a grid view.

A renderer is created for each grid view but renderers (of the same cell type) share the same GridCellModelBase instance even though they belong to different grid views.

The following examples show how to get a reference to the renderer for a specific cell.
GridStyleInfo style = Model[rowIndex, colIndex];
GridCellRendererBase renderer = CellRenderers[style.CellType];

Syncfusion.Grid.Windows: 17.4460.0.46

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