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AllowFixFocusWhenCurrentCellIsEditingInMouseUp Property

Gets or sets a value indicating whether if you press the mouse button inside the grid and release the mouse the grid checks whether the current cell is in editing mode. If that is the case it will make sure that focus is moved to the current cell control. This ensures the grid will properly return focus to the current cell if a message box is shown and closed in a custom event handler.

If this behavior causes problems you should set this property false. One known issue we found is when you open another MDI form within a CellDoubleClick event, in which case the focus would be set back to the original form. If you run into such a situation set this property false.

Public Property AllowFixFocusWhenCurrentCellIsEditingInMouseUp As Boolean
Dim instance As GridControlBase
Dim value As Boolean
instance.AllowFixFocusWhenCurrentCellIsEditingInMouseUp = value
value = instance.AllowFixFocusWhenCurrentCellIsEditingInMouseUp
public bool AllowFixFocusWhenCurrentCellIsEditingInMouseUp {get; set;}

Syncfusion.Grid.Windows: 17.4460.0.39

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