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GridComboBoxCellRenderer Class

Implements the renderer part of a combo box cell.
Object Model
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GridComboBoxCellRenderer can be customized with GridStyleInfo.DataSource, GridStyleInfo.ValueMember, and GridStyleInfo.DisplayMember properties of a GridStyleInfo instance.

If you do not have a data source object, you can also fill the drop-down list contents with a GridStyleInfo.ChoiceList and optionally specify GridStyleInfo.ExclusiveChoiceList.

The combo box cell is XP Themes enabled. It will be drawn themed if GridControlBase.ThemesEnabled is True.

There can be several renderers associated with one GridComboBoxCellModel if several views display the same GridModel.

Use "ComboBox" as identifier in GridStyleInfo.CellType of a cells GridStyleInfo to associate this cell type with a cell.

The cell's behavior and appearance can be customized with the following properties of the GridStyleInfo class:

PropertyName Description
GridStyleInfo.AllowEnter (System.Boolean) Gets / sets if pressing the <Enter>-Key should insert a new line into the edited text. (Default: False)
GridStyleInfo.BaseStyle (System.String) The base style for this style instance with default values for properties that are not initialized for this style object. (Default: String.Empty)
GridStyleInfo.Borders (GridBordersInfo) Top, left, bottom, and right border settings. (Default: GridBordersInfo.Default)
GridStyleInfo.CellAppearance (GridCellAppearance) Specifies if cell edges should be drawn raised, sunken, or flat (default). (Default: GridCellAppearance.Flat)
GridStyleInfo.CellTipText (System.String) ToolTip text to be displayed when user hovers mouse over cell. (Default: String.Empty)
GridStyleInfo.CellType (System.String) Combo Box (Default: Text Box)
GridStyleInfo.CellValue (System.Object) This property holds the cell value. Although the cell value is typically a string, it can also be any other primitive type such as int, byte, enum, or any custom type that is derived from System.Object. (Default: String.Empty)
GridStyleInfo.CellValueType (System.Type) Specifies the preferred System.Type for cell values. When you assign a value to the GridStyleInfo object, the value will be converted to this type. If the value cannot be converted, GridStyleInfo.Error will contain error information. (Default: NULL)
GridStyleInfo.ChoiceList (System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection) Specifies items to be displayed in the drop-down list. (Default: NULL)
GridStyleInfo.Clickable (System.Boolean) Specifies if the combo box button can be clicked. If set to False, the button will be drawn grayed out. See GridStyleInfo.Enabled for information on how to disable activating the combo box cell. (Default: True)
GridStyleInfo.CultureInfo (System.Globalization.CultureInfo) The culture information holds rules for parsing and formatting the cell's value. (Default: NULL)
GridStyleInfo.DataSource (System.Object) Specifies a data source that holds items to be displayed in a drop-down list. A data source can be specified instead of manually filling the choicelist with string entries. (Default: NULL)
GridStyleInfo.DisplayMember (System.String) Names the property in the data source that holds the text to be displayed in a cell that depends on a GridStyleInfo.ValueMember. (Default: String.Empty)
GridStyleInfo.DropDownStyle (GridDropDownStyle) Specifies if user input is restricted to items from the GridStyleInfo.ChoiceList or GridStyleInfo.DataSource. (Default: GridDropDownStyle.Editable)
GridStyleInfo.Enabled (System.Boolean) Specifies if the cell can be activated as current cell or if cell should be skipped when moving the current cell. When disabled, the combo box button can still be clicked but no drop-down list is displayed. You should also disable GridStyleInfo.Clickable if you do not want the user to click the combo box button. (Default: True)
GridStyleInfo.Error (System.String) Holds error information if a value can not be converted to the System.Type specified with GridStyleInfo.CellValueType. (Default: String.Empty)
GridStyleInfo.ExclusiveChoiceList (System.Boolean) Specifies if user input is restricted to items from choice list or data source. It is recommended to use GridStyleInfo.DropDownStyle instead. (Default: False)
GridStyleInfo.Font (GridFontInfo) The font for drawing text. (Default: GridFontInfo.Default)
GridStyleInfo.HorizontalAlignment (GridHorizontalAlignment) Specifies horizontal alignment of text in the cell. This does not affect the position of the combo box button. (Default: GridHorizontalAlignment.Left)
GridStyleInfo.ImageIndex (System.Int32) Specifies an index for a image in the GridStyleInfo.ImageList of a GridStyleInfo instance. The image is currently only shown in the text field, not in the drop-down list. You have to add custom programming logic in order to set the ImageIndex based on a selection in the drop-down list. (Default: -1)
GridStyleInfo.Interior (Syncfusion.Drawing.BrushInfo) Lets you specify a solid back color, gradient, or pattern style with both back and fore color for a cell's background. (Default: SystemColors.Window)
GridStyleInfo.ReadOnly (System.Boolean) Specifies if cell contents can be modified by the user. The user can still drop-down the combo box but changes will not be saved back into the text field. (Default: False)
GridStyleInfo.ShowButtons (GridShowButtons) Specifies when to show or display the combo box button. Possible choices are: show the button only for the current cell, always show buttons, or never show buttons. (Default: GridShowButtons.Show)
GridStyleInfo.Text (System.String) Gets / sets the value as a string. If a GridStyleInfo.CellValueType is specified, the text will be parsed and converted to the type specified with GridStyleInfo.CellValueType using any GridStyleInfo.CultureInfo information. (Default: String.Empty)
GridStyleInfo.TextAlign (GridTextAlign) Align text left of button elements (which is typical for combo boxes). Or align text right of button elements. (Default: GridTextAlign.Default)
GridStyleInfo.TextColor (System.Drawing.Color) Lets you specify the color for drawing the cell text. (Default: SystemColors.WindowText)
GridStyleInfo.TextMargins (GridMarginsInfo) Holds text margins in pixels. When drawing a cell, this specifies the empty area between the text rectangle and the borders of the client rectangle of the cell. The client rectangle is the cell rectangle without buttons and borders. (Default: GridMarginsInfo.Default)
GridStyleInfo.Themed (System.Boolean) Specifies if cell should be drawn using Windows XP themes when GridControlBase.ThemesEnabled has been set. (Default: True)
GridStyleInfo.Trimming (System.Drawing.StringTrimming) Indicates how text is trimmed when it exceeds the edges of the cell text rectangle. (Default: StringTrimming.Character)
GridStyleInfo.ValidateValue (GridCellValidateValueInfo) Holds validation rules for the cell value that are being checked before any user changes are committed to the grid cell's style object. (Default: NULL)
GridStyleInfo.ValueMember (System.String) Names the property in the data source that holds the key to be saved in a cell. (Default: String.Empty)
GridStyleInfo.VerticalAlignment (GridVerticalAlignment) Specifies vertical alignment of text in the cell. (Default: GridVerticalAlignment.Top)
GridStyleInfo.WrapText (System.Boolean) Specifies if text should be wrapped when it does not fit into a single line. (Default: True)

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Syncfusion.Grid.Windows: 18.1460.0.42

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