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GridCellTextEventArgs Class

Object Model
GridCellTextEventArgs ClassGridStyleInfo Class
Public NotInheritable Class GridCellTextEventArgs 
   Inherits Syncfusion.ComponentModel.SyncfusionHandledEventArgs
Dim instance As GridCellTextEventArgs
public sealed class GridCellTextEventArgs : Syncfusion.ComponentModel.SyncfusionHandledEventArgs 
If you want to customize the grid's behavior, you should set Syncfusion.ComponentModel.SyncfusionHandledEventArgs.Handled to True. The grid will check this flag to see whether it should accept your modification or use a conversion.

If you need identity information about the cell such as row and column index, you can get that information by querying GridStyleInfo.CellIdentity of the Style object.

The GridModel.SaveCellFormattedText and GridModel.SaveCellText events expect that you save the resulting value in GridStyleInfo.CellValue of the Style object.

The GridModel.QueryCellFormattedText and GridModel.QueryCellText events expect that you save the resulting string in Text.

The TextInfo is only used for GridModel.SaveCellFormattedText and GridModel.QueryCellFormattedText.

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Syncfusion.Grid.Windows: 18.2460.0.44

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