OnStartEditing Method (GridCellRendererBase)

Occurs before the current cell switches into editing mode.
Protected Overridable Function OnStartEditing() As Boolean
Dim instance As GridCellRendererBase
Dim value As Boolean
value = instance.OnStartEditing()
protected virtual bool OnStartEditing()

Return Value

True if editing the cell is allowed; false otherwise.
The grid will switch into editing mode when the user presses a key while the cell is not in editing mode or when you call GridCurrentCell.BeginEdit. You can cancel the operation by overriding this method and returning false.

You can find out about the current cell's position by querying the GridCurrentCell.RowIndex and GridCurrentCell.ColIndex properties of the GridControlBase.CurrentCell object in GridControlBase.

See GridCurrentCell.MoveTo for a discussion about the order of events you receive when the current cell is moved.


Syncfusion.Grid.Windows: 18.2460.0.44

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