OnControlDoubleClick Method (GridCellRendererBase)

Occurs when the current cell has in-place editing mode and the user double-clicked inside the control associated with the current cell.
Protected Overridable Sub OnControlDoubleClick( _
   ByVal control As Control _
Dim instance As GridCellRendererBase
Dim control As Control
protected virtual void OnControlDoubleClick( 
   Control control


GridCurrentCell.ControlDoubleClick lets you detect a double click inside a cell for any CurrentCellActivateBehavior. If for example the focus is set to the renderers control after the first click, the grid will listen for a MouseDown on the newly focused control and raise this event on a second click.

Raising this event is only optional for the cell renderer that manages the active cell.

A text box will usually send this event when the associated System.Windows.Forms.TextBox control has received the focus after the cell was switched into edit mode and the user double-clicked. Other cell renderers may or may not send this event.


Syncfusion.Grid.Windows: 18.2460.0.44

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