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GridCellModelBase Class

Defines the data or model part of a cell type. Settings can be serialized out to a file together with a GridModel.
Object Model
GridCellModelBase ClassGridModel Class
Public Class GridCellModelBase 
   Inherits Syncfusion.ComponentModel.Disposable
Dim instance As GridCellModelBase
public class GridCellModelBase : Syncfusion.ComponentModel.Disposable 
You typically access cell models through the GridModel.CellModels property of the GridModel class.

A GridCellModelBase can serve as model for several GridCellRendererBase instances if there are several GridControlBase views for a GridModel. The following table illustrates the built-in cell model types available in Essential Grid.

GridCellTypeName.StandardValuesCellSpecifies the cell as Standard value cell that provides a "list-control" like grid. Refer the GridDropDownStandardValuesCellModel and GridDropDownStandardValuesCellRenderer class.
Cell Types Description
GridCellTypeName.CheckBox Sets the specified cell as "CheckBox" in the grid, which returns the check state of that specified cell. Refer the GridCheckBoxCellModel and GridCheckBoxCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.ColorEdit Sets the specified cell to edit the backcolor of the cell. The range of colors can be chosen from either the Color palette,Web or System tabs in the drop-down menu. Refer the GridDropDownColorUICellModel and GridDropDownColorUICellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.ComboBox Sets a Combo-box embedded in the specified grid cell, where a specified data source can be assigned and also the button visibility can be modified. Refer the GridComboBoxCellModel and GridComboBoxCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.Control Embeds a generic control withe the grid cell. Refer the and GridGenericControlCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.Currency Embeds a currency edit cell. The values entered in this cell are prefixed with a specified currency-symbol. Refer the GridCurrencyTextBoxCellModel and GridCurrencyTextBoxCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.DropDownGrid Sets a Grid in the drop-down container. See "Drop-Down grid" in the samples. Also refer the GridDropDownGridCellModel and GridDropDownGridCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.FormulaCell Gets a formula cell that can be used for various computational operations in the grid using the library functions. Also, a custom-function can be added to the library functions to meet the required need. Refer the GridFormulaCellModel and GridFormulaCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.GridListControl Embeds a GridListControl in the specified cell. Refer the GridDropDownGridListControlCellModel and GridDropDownGridListControlCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.Header Specifies the cell as Header cell. Refer the GridHeaderCellModel and GridHeaderCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.Image Specifies the cell as an Image cell, where a required image can be displayed on the grid. Refer the GridImageCellModel and GridImageCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.MaskEdit Specifies the textbox as a masked-edit textbox, where specified criteria can be set to validate the user inputs. Refer the GridMaskEditCellModel and GridMaskEditCellRenderer and GridMaskedEditBoxclass.
GridCellTypeName.MonthCalendar Gets a month-calendar control for acquiring a "Date" input from the grid cell. Refer the GridDropDownMonthCalendarCellModel and GridDropDownMonthCalendarCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.NumericUpDown Embeds a Numeric up-down control in the specified grid cell. The increment and decrement values as well as the Minimum and Maximum number-count possible can also be modified as per the need. Refer the GridNumericUpDownCellModel and GridNumericUpDownCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.OriginalTextBox Sets the specified cell as "OriginalTextBox", that provides a multi-line text box. Refer the GridOriginalTextBoxCellModel and GridOriginalTextBoxCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.ProgressBar Embeds a progress bar control in the specified cell. Refer the GridProgressBarCellModel and GridProgressBarCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.PropertyGridCell Sets the specified cell as property-grid, that displays the property's values in the grid. Refer the GridPropertyGridCellModel and GridPropertyGridCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.PushButton Sets the specified cell as "PushButton" control. The cell appearance can also be modified. Refer the GridPushButtonCellModel and GridPushButtonCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.RadioButton Sets the specified cell as "RadioButton" control. Refer the GridRadioButtonCellModel and GridRadioButtonCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.RichText Sets the specified cell as a "RichTextBox" control. The contents of the cell can also be formated such as Alignment, Bold or Italics or Under lined, Font size as well as font color and font type. Refer the GridRichTextBoxCellModel and GridRichTextBoxCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.Static Sets the specified cell in an in-active state and the contents of the specified cell is non-editable. Refer the GridStaticCellModel and GridStaticCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.TextBox Sets the specified cell as"TextBox" control. The default cell model of every grid cell is a TextBox model. Refer the GridTextBoxCellModel and GridTextBoxCellRenderer class.
GridCellTypeName.UITypeEditorCell Specifies the cell as UI-type editor cell that provides a "list-control" like grid. Refer the GridUITypeEditorCellModel and GridUITypeEditorCellRenderer class.

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