GridEngineFactoryBase Class

A factory class object with the purpose of instantiating a GridEngine object.
Public Class GridEngineFactoryBase 
Dim instance As GridEngineFactoryBase
public class GridEngineFactoryBase 
The virtual GridGroupingControl.CreateEngine function by default calls GridEngineFactory.CreateEngine to create an engine object.

There are multiple alternatives that let you customize the engine object that is used within a GridGroupingControl.

  • A global solution for all controls in your app is to derive a class from GridEngineFactoryBase, override CreateEngine, and assign an instance of the derived GridEngineFactoryBase object to GridEngineFactory.Factory.
  • Instantiate manually a GridEngine object and call the constructor of GridGroupingControl, passing in the engine object as parameter.
  • Derive GridGroupingControl and override the virtual CreateEngine method.

In your derived engine class, you can then further customize classes that are created. The GridEngine class contains virtual factory methods such as GridEngine.CreateTableControl or GridEngine.CreateTable that are called to create objects that belong to a GridGroupingControl and its engine elements.

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