Magnification Property (View)

Gets or sets the X and Y magnification (zoom) values on a scale of 1 to n.
<DescriptionAttribute("Specifies magnification value applied to view attached document.")>
Public Property Magnification As Single
Dim instance As View
Dim value As Single
instance.Magnification = value
value = instance.Magnification
[Description("Specifies magnification value applied to view attached document.")]
public float Magnification {get; set;}

This value is used to zoom the view in and out. The X and Y axes can be scaled independently. Normally, the X and Y axes will have the same magnification value.

The value of this property along with the Origin are used to create the view transform, which is used to map world coordinates onto view coordinates.


Syncfusion.Diagram.Base: 17.4460.0.39

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