Layer Class

A layer is a collection of nodes that share a common set of default properties and the same Z-order relative to other layers.
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A layer contains zero or more nodes and is responsible for rendering those nodes. Since the nodes in a layer are rendered as a group, their Z-order is the same relative to other layers in the diagram. For example, if layer A has a higher Z-order than layer B, then all nodes in layer B will be rendered behind those in layer A. If the Visible flag on a layer is set to False, none of the nodes in the layer will be rendered.

The nodes in the layer can inherit properties from the layer. If a property is not explicitly set in a node, the node inherits the property from the layer. If the layer does not have the property set, then the layer chains up to the model to get the property. This allows all nodes in a layer to share the same defaults.

All nodes in the layer can be hidden by setting the Visible flag to False.

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