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Syncfusion.DataSource.Extensions Namespace

Provides classes that simplify programming by providing ready-made solution to process the IEnumerable and IQueryable operations.
Class Class which contains fields, properties, methods to perform basic operations such as sum, average, max, min and sorting.
Class Functional method extensions
Class Class that holds the information of the group like key, count, items and etc.
Class Helper class to covert type of the object.
Class Determines the set of properties and their information.
Class Class that provides the extension methods for the property info.
ClassProvides extension methods for Queryable source.

var fonts = FontFamily.Families.AsQueryable();

We would normally write Expressions as,

var names = new string[] {"Tony", "Al", "Sean", "Elia"}.AsQueryable(); names.OrderBy(n=>n);

This would sort the names based on alphabetical order. Like so, the Queryable extensions are a set of extension methods that define functions which will generate expressions based on the supplied values to the functions.

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