ValueType Property (ChartAxis)

Gets or sets the type of value that this axis is displaying. For the types supported, refer to ChartValueType.
<DescriptionAttribute("Indicates the type of value that this axis is displaying.")>
Public Property ValueType As ChartValueType
Dim instance As ChartAxis
Dim value As ChartValueType
instance.ValueType = value
value = instance.ValueType
[Description("Indicates the type of value that this axis is displaying.")]
public ChartValueType ValueType {get; set;}
If the ChartValueType.Custom type is set, labels gets from the LabelsImpl by index or position of label. Elsewhere labels is generated by value of label.

The ChartValueType.Custom can't guarantee correct position of labels. You can use the other ways to implements the custom labels, such as to use the FormatLabel event.


Syncfusion.Chart.Base: 17.4460.0.39

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