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Syncfusion.Calculate Namespace (Syncfusion.Calculate.Base)

ClassCalcEngine encapsulates the code required to parse and compute formulas. Hashtable properties maintain a Formula Library of functions as well as a list of dependent cells.

You can add and remove library functions.

Class Used for CalcEngineHelper
Class A class that allows you to quickly add calculation support for controls on a form, or usercontrol.
Class CalcSheet represents a single worksheet in a workbook.
Class Wrapper ArrayList that holds a collection of CalcSheets.
Class CalculateConfig serves as a Configuration class for the calculate library. In the current version, there are no explicit settings. Adding this component from the tool box allows you to easily configure your project for calculate support.
ClassCalcWorkbook holds a collection of CalcSheet objects.
Class FormulaInfo maintains information on a single formula object.
Class Typed Hashtable returning FormulaInfo objects.
ClassUsed by the CalcEngine.FormulaParsing event, FormulaParsingEventArgs holds a reference to the string that is to be parsed. The FormulaParsing event allows the listener to preprocess the string that is being parsed.
Class Encapsulates the properties that are needed to support multiple families of crossed-referenced grids. This class is for internal use only.
ClassEvent argument class for the QuickValueSetEventArgs event.
Class RangeInfo represents a rectangle array of cells that may contain formulas, strings, or numbers that may be referenced by other formulas.
Class The event args for the UnknownFunction event which is raised whenever the CalcEngine encounters a function that is does not know.
Class A class containing data for the ICalcData.ValueChanged event.
Interface ICalcData defines the minimal interface that a data object must support in order to use this formula engine.
InterfaceUsed in conjunction with CalcEngine.RowMaxCount.
Delegate Delegate used to define functions that you add to the function library.
Delegate Event delegate for the FormulaParsing event
DelegateAn event handler that represents the method to handle the QuickValueSetEventHandler event.
Delegate Event delegate for UnknownFunction event.
DelegateAn event handler that represents the method to handle the CalcSheet.ValueChanged event.
Enumeration Flags the reason that quickValueSet was raised.
Enumeration Specifies options for caching look up tables in HLookUp and VLookUp functions.
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