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CreateSheetFamilyID Method (CalcEngine)

CreateSheetFamilyID is a method to create familyID for a sheet.
Public Shared Function CreateSheetFamilyID() As Integer
Dim value As Integer
value = CalcEngine.CreateSheetFamilyID()
public static int CreateSheetFamilyID()

Return Value

Sheet family ID.
Essential Calculate supports multisheet references within a family of ICalcData objects. To use this functionality, you use this method to get a unique identifier for the family. Then in the RegisterGridAsSheet method that you call to add ICalcData objects to this family, you pass this unique identifier to mark the ICalcData objects as belonging to this family. You can only cross reference ICalcData objects within the same family.

Syncfusion.Calculate.Base: 17.4460.0.39

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