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CurrentCellActivated Event (SfDataGrid)

Occurs after the current cell is activated in SfDataGrid.
public event CurrentCellActivatedEventHandler CurrentCellActivated
Event Data

The event handler receives an argument of type CurrentCellActivatedEventArgs containing data related to this event. The following CurrentCellActivatedEventArgs properties provide information specific to this event.

Gets the ActivationTrigger that indicates how the current cell is activated.  
Gets the Syncfusion.UI.Xaml.ScrollAxis.RowColumnIndex of currently active cell.  
Gets the original reporting source that raised the event. (Inherited from Syncfusion.UI.Xaml.Grid.GridEventArgs)
Gets the Syncfusion.UI.Xaml.ScrollAxis.RowColumnIndex of previously active cell.  
This event occurs after the CurrentCellActivating event if that event is not canceled.

Syncfusion.SfGrid.UWP: 16.4460.0.52

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