Syncfusion.UI.Xaml.Grid Namespace : FilterRowCondition Enumeration

FilterRowCondition Enumeration

Defines the constants that specify the possible FilterRow constraints in SfDataGrid.
public enum FilterRowCondition : System.Enum 
After Checks for After date on the operands.
AfterOrEqual Checks for After or Equal date on the operands.
Before Checks for Before date on the operands.
BeforeOrEqual Checks for Before or Equal date on the operands.
BeginsWith Checks for StartsWith on the string operands.
Contains Checks for Contains on the string operands.
Empty Checks the Empty values on the string operands.
EndsWith Checks for EndsWith on the string operands.
Equals Checks Equals on the operands.
GreaterThan Checks for Greater Than on the operands.
GreaterThanOrEqual Checks for Greater Than or Equal on the operands.
LessThan Performs LessThan operation.
LessThanOrEqual Performs LessThan Or Equal operation.
NotContains Checks for DoesNotContains on the string operands.
NotEmpty Checks the Non Empty values on the string operands.
NotEquals Checks for Not Equals on the operands.
NotNull Checks the Not Null values on the operands.
Null Checks the Null values on the operands.
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