Syncfusion.XlsIO Namespace : OleObjectType Enumeration

OleObjectType Enumeration

defines the types of OLE object
Public Enum OleObjectType 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As OleObjectType
public enum OleObjectType : System.Enum 
AdobeAcrobatDocument Adobe Acrobat Document. File has ".pdf" extension.
BitmapImage Bitmap Image. File has ".png" extension.
Equation Equation
Excel_97_2003_Worksheet Excel 97-2003 Worksheet. File has ".xls" extension
ExcelBinaryWorksheet Excel Binary Worksheet. File has ".xlsb" extension
ExcelChart Excel chart. File has ".xls" extension
ExcelMacroWorksheet Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet. File has ".xlsm" extension.
ExcelWorksheet Excel Worksheet. File has ".xlsx" extension.
GraphChart Graph Chart
MediaClip Media Clip
MIDISequence MIDI Sequence
OpenDocumentPresentation OpenDocument Presentation
OpenDocumentSpreadsheet OpenDocument Spreadsheet
OpenDocumentText OpenDocument Text
OpenOfficeSpreadsheet OpenOffice spreadsheet
OpenOfficeSpreadsheet1_1 1.1 Spreadsheet
OpenOfficeText OpenOffice Text
OpenOfficeText_1_1 1.1 Text
Package Package
PowerPoint_97_2003_Presentation PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation. File has ".ppt" extension.
PowerPoint_97_2003_Slide PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide. File has ".sld" extension.
PowerPointMacroPresentation PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation. File has ".pptm" extension.
PowerPointMacroSlide PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Slide. File has ".sldm" extension.
PowerPointPresentation PowerPoint Presentation. File has ".pptx" extension.
PowerPointSlide PowerPoint Slide. File has ".sldx" extension.
Undefined Type is not defined
VideoClip Video Clip
VisioDrawing Visio Deawing
WaveSound Wave Sound
Word_97_2003_Document Word 97-2003 Document. File has ".doc" extension.
WordDocument Word Document. File has ".docx" extension.
WordMacroDocument Word Macro-Enabled Document. File has ".docm" extension.
WordPadDocument WordPad Document
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