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Syncfusion.XlsIO Namespace : INames Interface

INames Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by INames.

Public Properties
 PropertyUsed without an object qualifier, this property returns an IApplication object that represents the Excel application.  
 Property Returns the number of objects in the collection.  
 PropertyOverloaded. Returns a single IName object from a Names collection.  
 Property Returns the parent object for the specified object.  
 PropertyReturns parent worksheet of the collection.  
Public Methods
 MethodOverloaded.  This method is used to defines a new name.  
 Method Checks whether the Name object is present in the collection or not.  
 Method (Inherited from System.Collections.IEnumerable)
 MethodRemoves Name object from the collection.  
 Method Removes the element at the specified index of the collection.  
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