PercentMin Property

Gets or sets a value that specifies the length of the shortest data bar as a percentage of cell width.
Property PercentMin As Integer
Dim instance As IDataBar
Dim value As Integer
instance.PercentMin = value
value = instance.PercentMin
int PercentMin {get; set;}
By default the DataBar's PercentMax and PercentMin are set to 100 and 0 respectively. This allows the DataBar to begin from the starting position zero to the entire cell width. We can customize the appearance of DataBars by changing these two properties. Here for example, we set the PercentMin property's value to 50. This sets the DataBar's shortest lenght to 50 percent.
using Syncfusion.XlsIO;
class Example
    static void Main()
        using (ExcelEngine excelEngine = new ExcelEngine())
            //Create a worksheet.        
            IApplication application = excelEngine.Excel;
            application.DefaultVersion = ExcelVersion.Excel2013;            
            IWorkbook workbook = application.Workbooks.Create(1);
            IWorksheet worksheet = workbook.Worksheets[0];
            //Load data to Apply Conditional Formatting.
            worksheet["A1"].Text = "DataBar";
            worksheet["A2"].Number = 10;
            worksheet["A3"].Number = 20;
            worksheet["A4"].Number = 30;
            worksheet["A5"].Number = 40;
            worksheet["A6"].Number = 50;
            worksheet["A7"].Number = 60;
            worksheet["A8"].Number = 70;
            worksheet["A9"].Number = 80;
            worksheet["A10"].Number = 90;
            worksheet["A11"].Number = 100;
            //Create instance of IConditonalFormat and IConditionalFormats.
            IConditionalFormats formats = worksheet["A2:A11"].ConditionalFormats;
            IConditionalFormat format = formats.AddCondition();
            //Set FormatType as DataBar.
            format.FormatType = ExcelCFType.DataBar;
            IDataBar dataBar = format.DataBar;
            //Set minumum percentage.
            dataBar.PercentMin = 50;
            //Save and Dispose.

Syncfusion.XlsIO.Base: 17.2460.0.34

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