Value Property (IColorConditionValue)

Gets or sets the shortest bar or longest bar threshold value for a data bar conditional format.
Property Value As String
Dim instance As IColorConditionValue
Dim value As String
instance.Value = value
value = instance.Value
string Value {get; set;}
The default color applied in the color scale can be changed by changing the FormatColorRGB property. To know more about the conditional formatting types refer this link.
The color bars use Threshold value to set colors to the cells based on the values present in the cells. It can be customized using Value property. For default settings, the threshold will be average value of the data present in the cells. Here in our example, we set the threshold value to 80;
using Syncfusion.XlsIO;
class Example
    static void Main()
        //Create a worksheet.        
        ExcelEngine excelEngine = new ExcelEngine();
        IApplication application = excelEngine.Excel;
        application.DefaultVersion = ExcelVersion.Excel2013;
        IWorkbook workbook = application.Workbooks.Create(1);
        IWorksheet worksheet = workbook.Worksheets[0];
        //Load data to Apply Conditional Formatting.
        worksheet["A1"].Text = "ColorScale";
        worksheet["A2"].Number  =  10;
        worksheet["A3"].Number  =  20;
        worksheet["A4"].Number  =  30;
        worksheet["A5"].Number  =  40;
        worksheet["A6"].Number  =  50;
        worksheet["A7"].Number  =  60;
        worksheet["A8"].Number  =  70;
        worksheet["A9"].Number  =  80;
        worksheet["A10"].Number =  90;
        worksheet["A11"].Number =  100;
        //Create instance of IConditonalFormat and IConditionalFormats.
        IConditionalFormats formats = worksheet["A2:A11"].ConditionalFormats;
        IConditionalFormat format = formats.AddCondition();
        //Set FormatType as ColorScale.
        format.FormatType = ExcelCFType.ColorScale;
        IColorScale colorScale = format.ColorScale;
        //Set 3 as count for color scale
        //Change Threshold value for 2nd object in Critera list.
        colorScale.Criteria[1].Value = "80";
        //Save and Dispose.

Syncfusion.XlsIO.Base: 17.2460.0.34

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