Syncfusion.XlsIO Namespace : ICalculationOptions Interface

ICalculationOptions Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by ICalculationOptions.

Public Properties
 Property Gets the application object. (Inherited from Syncfusion.XlsIO.IParentApplication)
 Property Gets/sets calculation mode in Excel.  
 Property Indicates whether iterations are turned on.  
 Property Gets / sets maximum change of the result to the exit of an iteration.  
 Property Specifies the maximum number of times the formulas should be iteratively calculated. This is a fail-safe against mutually recursive formulas locking up a spreadsheet application.  
 Property Gets the parent object. (Inherited from Syncfusion.XlsIO.IParentApplication)
 Property Indicates whether R1C1 reference mode is turned on.  
 Property Defines whether to recalculate before saving.  
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