Syncfusion.XlsIO Namespace : ExcelWorksheetCopyFlags Enumeration

ExcelWorksheetCopyFlags Enumeration

Enumeration to specify options when copying worksheets.
Public Enum ExcelWorksheetCopyFlags 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ExcelWorksheetCopyFlags
public enum ExcelWorksheetCopyFlags : System.Enum 
ClearBefore Represents the ClearBefore copy flags.
CopyAll Represents the CopyAll copy flags, except palette.
CopyAutoFilters Represents the CopyAutoFilters copy flags.
CopyCells Represents the CopyCells copy flags.
CopyColumnHeight Represents the CopyColumnHeight copy flags.
CopyConditionlFormats Represents the CopyConditionlFormats copy flags.
CopyDataValidations Represents the CopyDataValidations copy flags.
CopyMerges Represents the CopyMerges copy flags.
CopyNames Represents the CopyNames copy flags.
CopyOptions Represents the CopyOptions copy flags.
CopyPageSetup Copy page setup (page breaks, paper orientation, header, footer and other properties).
CopyPalette Copies palette.
CopyPivotTables Copy pivot table objects.
CopyRowHeight Represents the CopyRowHeight copy flags.
CopyShapes Represents the CopyShapes copy flags.
CopyTables Copy table objects.
CopyWithoutNames Represents the CopyWithoutNames copy flags.
None No flags.
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