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ExcelPaperSize Enumeration

Enumeration of paper size types in Excel.
Public Enum ExcelPaperSize 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ExcelPaperSize
public enum ExcelPaperSize : System.Enum 
A2Paper Represents A2 paper (420 mm by 594 mm).
A3ExtraPaper Represents A3 extra paper (322 mm by 445 mm).
A3ExtraTransversePaper Represents A3 extra transverse paper (322 mm by 445 mm).
A3TransversePaper Represents A3 transverse paper (297 mm by 420 mm).
A4ExtraPaper Represents A4 extra paper (236 mm by 322 mm).
A4PlusPaper Represents A4 plus paper (210 mm by 330 mm).
A4TransversePaper Represents A4 transverse paper (210 mm by 297 mm).
A5ExtraPpaper Represents A5 extra paper (174 mm by 235 mm).
A5TransversePaper Represents A5 transverse paper (148 mm by 210 mm).
InviteEnvelope Represents Invite envelope (220 mm by 220 mm).
ISOB4 Represents ISO B4 paper size(250 mm by 353 mm).
ISOB5ExtraPaper Represents ISO B5 extra paper (201 mm by 276 mm).
JapaneseDoublePostcard Represents Japanese double postcard(200 mm by 148 mm).
JISB5TransversePaper Represents JIS B5 transverse paper (182 mm by 257 mm).
LegalExtraPaper9275By15 Represents Legal extra paper (9.275 in. by 15 in.).
LetterExtraPaper9275By12 Represents Letter extra paper (9.275 in. by 12 in.).
LetterExtraTransversePaper Represents Letter extra transverse paper (9.275 in. by 12 in.).
LetterPlusPaper Represents Letter plus paper (8.5 in. by 12.69 in.).
LetterTransversePaper Represents Letter transverse paper (8.275 in. by 11 in.).
Paper10x14 Represents paper size of 10 inches X 14 inches
Paper11x17 Represents paper size of 11 inches X 17 inches
PaperA3 Represents A3 (297 mm x 420 mm) paper size.
PaperA4 Represents A4 (210 mm x 297 mm) paper size.
PaperA4Small Represents A4 Small (210 mm x 297 mm) paper size.
PaperA5 Represents A5 (148 mm x 210 mm) paper size.
PaperB4 Represents B4 (250 mm x 353 mm) paper size.
PaperB5 Represents B5 (176 mm x 250 mm) paper size.
PaperCsheet Represents C paper size.
PaperDsheet Represents D paper size.
PaperEnvelope10 Represents Envelope# 10 paper size(4-1/8 X 9-1/2 inches).
PaperEnvelope11 Represents Envelope# 11 paper size( (4-1/2 X 10-3/8 inches).
PaperEnvelope12 Represents Envelope# 12 paper size(4-3/4 X 11 inches).
PaperEnvelope14 Represents Envelope# 14 paper size(5 X 11-1/2 inches).
PaperEnvelope9 Represents Envelope# 9 paper size(3-7/8 X 8-7/8 inches).
PaperEnvelopeB4 Represents B4 Envelope paper size (250 mm x 353 mm).
PaperEnvelopeB5 Represents B5 Envelope paper size (176 mm x 250 mm).
PaperEnvelopeB6 Represents B6 Envelope paper size (176 mm x 125 mm).
PaperEnvelopeC3 Represents C3 Envelope paper size (324 mm x 458 mm).
PaperEnvelopeC4 Represents C4 Envelope paper size (229 mm x 324 mm).
PaperEnvelopeC5 Represents C5 Envelope paper size (162 mm x 229 mm).
PaperEnvelopeC6 Represents C6 Envelope paper size (114 mm x 162 mm).
PaperEnvelopeC65 Represents C65 Envelope paper size (114 mm x 229 mm).
PaperEnvelopeDL Represents DL Envelope paper size (110 mm x 220 mm).
PaperEnvelopeItaly Represents Italy Envelope paper size (110 mm x 230 mm).
PaperEnvelopeMonarch Represents Monarch Envelope paper size (3-7/8 X 7-1/2 inches).
PaperEnvelopePersonal Represents Personal Envelope paper size (3-5/8 X 6-1/2 inches).
PaperEsheet Represents E paper size.
PaperExecutive Represents Executive paper size (7-1/2 X 10-1/2 inches).
PaperFanfoldLegalGerman Represents German Fanfold paper size (8-1/2 X 13 inches).
PaperFanfoldStdGerman Represents German Standard Fanfold paper size (8-1/2 X 12 inches).
PaperFanfoldUS Represents U.S. Standard Fanfold paper size (14-7/8 X 11 inches).
PaperFolio Represents Folio paper size (8-1/2 X 13 inches).
PaperLedger Represents Ledger paper size (17 X 11 inches).
PaperLegal Represents Legal paper size (8-1/2 X 14 inches).
PaperLetter Represents Letter paper size (8-1/2 X 11 inches).
PaperLetterSmall Represents Letter Small paper size.
PaperNote Represents Note paper size.
PaperQuarto Represents Quarto paper size(215 mm x 275 mm).
PaperStatement Represents Statement paper size(5-1/2 X 8-1/2 inches).
PaperTabloid Represents Tabloid paper size(11 X 17 inches).
PaperUser Represents User paper size.
StandardPaper10By11 Represents Standard paper(10 in. by 11 in.).
StandardPaper15By11 Represents Standard paper(15 in. by 11 in.).
StandardPaper9By11 Represents Standard paper(9 in. by 11 in.).
SuperASuperAA4Paper Represents SuperA/SuperA/A4 paper (227 mm by 356 mm).
SuperBSuperBA3Paper Represents SuperB/SuperB/A3 paper (305 mm by 487 mm).
TabloidExtraPaper Represents Tabloid extra paper (11.69 in. by 18 in.).
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