Syncfusion.XlsIO Namespace : DynamicFilterType Enumeration

DynamicFilterType Enumeration

Represent relative date filter type.
Public Enum DynamicFilterType 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As DynamicFilterType
public enum DynamicFilterType : System.Enum 
April Represent April month.
August Represent August month.
December Represent December month.
February Represent February month.
January Represent January month.
July Represent July month.
June Represent June month.
LastMonth Represent last month of the current month.
LastQuarter Represent last quarter of the current quarter year.
LastWeek Represent last week of the current week.
LastYear Represent last year.
March Represent March month.
May Represent May month.
NextMonth Represent next month of the current month.
NextQuarter Represent next quarter of the current quarter year.
NextWeek Represent next week of the current week.
NextYear Represent next year.
None None of the type applied.
November Represent November month.
October Represent October month.
Quarter1 Represent first quarter of the years.
Quarter2 Represent second quarter of the years.
Quarter3 Represent third quarter of the years.
Quarter4 Represent fourth quarter of the years.
September Represent September month.
ThisMonth Represent current month.
ThisQuarter Represent current quarter year.
ThisWeek Represent current week.
ThisYear Represent current year.
Today Represent Today.
Tomorrow Represent Tomorrow.
YearToDate Represent dates from starting of the current year till today.
Yesterday Represent Yesterday.
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