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MenuItem Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by MenuItem.

Public Constructors
Public Constructor  
Public Properties
Public Property Defines class/multiple classes separated by a space for the menu Item that is used to include an icon. Menu Item can include font icon and sprite image.  
Public PropertyOverridden.  Specifies the id for menu item.  
Public Property Specifies the sub menu items that is the array of MenuItem model.  
Public Property Specifies separator between the menu items. Separator are either horizontal or vertical lines used to group menu items.  
Public Property Specifies text for menu item.  
Public Property Specifies url for menu item that creates the anchor link to navigate to the url provided.  
Protected Properties
Public Methods
Protected Methods
Protected Method (Inherited from Syncfusion.EJ2.EJTagHelper)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodOverloaded.  Iterates the index.
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