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Syncfusion.EJ2.Diagrams Namespace : DiagramCommand Class

DiagramCommand Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by DiagramCommand.

Public Constructors
Public Constructor  
Public Properties
Public Property Check the command is executable at the moment or not  
Public Property Defines what to be executed when the key combination is recognized  
Public Property Defines a combination of keys and key modifiers, on recognition of which the command will be executed typescript let node: NodeModel; node = { ... id: 'node', width: 100, height: 100, offsetX: 100, offsetY: 100, annotations : [{ content: 'text' }]; ... };  
Public Property (Inherited from Syncfusion.EJ2.EJTagHelper)
Public Property Defines the name of the command  
Public Property Defines any additional parameters that are required at runtime  
Protected Properties
Public Methods
Protected Methods
Protected Method (Inherited from Syncfusion.EJ2.EJTagHelper)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodOverloaded.  Iterates the index.
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