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Syncfusion.EJ2.BarcodeGenerator Namespace

Enumeration Defines the text alignment for the text to be rendered in the barcode. The text alignment types are Left Right Center
Enumeration Defines the type of the barcode to be generated. The barcode types are Code39 Code128 Code128A Code128B Code128C Codabar Ean8 Ean13 UpcA UpcE Code11 Code93 Code93Extension Code39Extension Code32
Enumeration Defines the encoding type for the datamatrix code. They are Auto ASCII ASCIINumeric Base256
Enumeration Defines the size for the datamatrix code. The defined size are Auto Size10x10 Size12x12 Size14x14 Size16x16 Size18x18 Size20x20 Size22x22 Size24x24 Size26x26 Size32x32 Size36x36 Size40x40 Size44x44 Size48x48 Size52x52 Size64x64 Size72x72 Size80x80 Size88x88 Size96x96 Size104x104 Size120x120 Size132x132 Size144x144 Size8x18 Size8x32 Size12x26 Size12x36 Size16x36 Size16x48
Enumeration Indicated the recovery capacity of the qrcode. The default capacity levels are Low Medium Quartile High
Enumeration Defines the Qrcode QRCodeVersion. They are Auto Version01 Version02 Version03 Version04 Version05 Version06 Version07 Version08 Version09 Version10 Version11 Version12 Version13 Version14 Version15 Version16 Version17 Version18 Version19 Version20 Version21 Version22 Version23 Version24 Version25 Version26 Version27 Version28 Version29 Version30 Version31 Version32 Version33 Version34 Version35 Version36 Version37 Version38 Version39 Version40
Enumeration Defines the rendering mode of the barcode. They are SVG Canvas
Enumeration Defines the text position for the text to be rendered in the barcode. The text positions are Bottom Top
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