Terminology of Syncfusion Essential Studio

7 Jul 2020 / 1 minute to read

The Terminology section covers documentation conventions used in this manual.

Convention Example Description
Essential Studio Essential Studio is a comprehensive library of controls targeting the .NET development platform. The packaging of the products within Essential Studio is such that the products share certain common features, such as design patterns, installation programs and several configuration utilities. The term Essential Studio is used in these sections, representing the entire package.
Bold The Open dialog UI elements such as names of tabs, menus, buttons, dialog boxes and windows are set to bold.
Italic The


The property, method and event name and text that must be typed exactly as shown are italicized.
Plus sign Ctrl+Click Represents combination of keys.
Version number x.x.x.x Represents version number. Replace this with the version installed in the machine.


Represents important information.
Example Example Represents an example.

Tip image

Represents useful hints that help you in using the controls/features.
Additional Information

 Additional Information

Represents additional information on the topic.