SDK Upgrade

SDK Upgrade

You can perform Hadoop rolling upgrade to update your Hadoop Cluster from older version to newer version without incurring data loss or downtime in accessing HDFS. You can also upgrade your SDK packages that are shipped with Hadoop. Other SDKs will incur downtime during upgrade.


Big Data Cluster Manager application and Big Data Agent should be upgraded before starting SDK upgrade. When SDK upgrade is available, upgrade option will be shown in alert and upgrade badge as shown in below images.

Step 1: Click the SDK upgrade alert or SDK upgrade badge to start.

Step 2: In SDK Upgrade preparation page, you can see the list of new packages and their details.

Step 3: In Backup page, you can check the details of Backup that are required for the upgrading packages.

Step 4: In Validation page, ensure all validations are passed and up-to-date.

Step 5: Click ‘Proceed’ which will upgrade SDKs and start the services.