Oozie server will be configured in first name node by default. We can schedule Oozie jobs using Cluster Manager. We can create and edit workflow XML files and submit all kind of Oozie jobs such as workflow, coordinator and bundle jobs and manage the scheduled jobs as well.


Create Job

We can create a job from New Job option and choose the type of job from the menu.

You can create new workflow and properties file or use existing one. The workflow file should be browsed from HDFS and properties file can be browsed from local repository and directly submitted without saving it locally.


You can find submitted job information in the same page.



Sample properties files are shipped in Cluster Manager installed location

Managing Oozie jobs

The submitted jobs can be managed such as suspend, resume and kill the jobs.


Job Id navigation

You can navigate from Job Ids to get job detail such as overview information, definition, configuration, log and graph.