Getting Started

14 Feb 20171 minute to read

Create your first Split Button in ASP.NET

Essential ASP.NET Split Button control contains built-in features such as Click and different display options. You can create the Split Button control by using HTML helper as follows.

You can create a WEB Project and add necessary assemblies, styles and scripts to it.  Refer to ASP-Getting Started.

Create an ASPX file and add the following code example to ASPX file for ejSplitButton creation.

  • HTML
  • <ej:SplitButton ID="ButtonSizeLarge" runat="server" Text="Save" Size="Large" ShowRoundedCorner="true">
            <ej:splititem text="Open.."></ej:splititem>
            <ej:splititem text="Save"></ej:splititem>
            <ej:splititem text="Delete"></ej:splititem>


    Add menu items of the Split Button inside that is displayed when you click on the Split Button.

    Output of above steps.