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The localization support allows to customize the display of text within the Ribbon in a user-specific culture and locale. The Ribbon control can be localized in specific culture using the common API Localealong with the collection of localized words defined for that culture using the ej.Ribbon.Locale [culture-code].Please find the table with list of properties and its value in locale object.

Locale key words Text
CustomizeQuickAccess Customize Quick Access Toolbar
RemoveFromQuickAccessToolbar Remove from Quick Access Toolbar
AddToQuickAccessToolbar Add to Quick Access Toolbar
ShowAboveTheRibbon Show Above the Ribbon
ShowBelowTheRibbon Show Below the Ribbon
MoreCommands More Commands...


By default, the Ribbon control is localized in en-US culture.

For further information on – how to refer the required culture scripts into your application, refer here.

  • HTML
  • <ej:Ribbon ID="defaultRibbon1" runat="server" Width="500" ShowQAT="true" Locale="es-ES">
    		<ApplicationTab MenuItemID="ribbonmenu" Type="Menu">
    			<MenuSettings OpenOnClick="false"></MenuSettings>
    			<ej:RibbonTab Id="home1" Text="HOME">
    					<ej:TabGroup Text="Clipboard" AlignType="Columns">
    								<ContentDefaults Width="50" Height="75" Type="SplitButton" />
    									<ej:ContentGroup Id="paste" ToolTip="Paste" QuickAccessMode="ToolBar" Text="paste">
    										<SplitButtonSettings ButtonMode="Dropdown" ArrowPosition="Bottom" TargetID="pasteul" ContentType="ImageOnly" PrefixIcon="e-icon e-ribbon e-ribbonpaste" />
    	<ul id="ribbonmenu">
    	<ul id="pasteul">
    		ej.Ribbon.Locale["es-ES"] = {
    			CustomizeQuickAccess: "Agordu Rapida Aliro",
    			RemoveFromQuickAccessToolbar: "Forigu de Rapida Aliro Ilobreto",
    			AddToQuickAccessToolbar: "Aldoni al Rapida Aliro Ilobreto",
    			ShowAboveTheRibbon: "Montru Super la Ribbona",
    			ShowBelowTheRibbon: "Montru Sube la Ribbon",
    			MoreCommands: "pli Komando"