Defer update


This feature is applicable for the OLAP data source only at server mode.

The defer update support allows you to refresh the control only on-demand and not during every UI interaction.

  • html
  • <cc1:PivotGrid ID="PivotGrid1" runat=server url="/PivotGridService" ClientIDMode="Static">
        <ClientSideEvents AfterServiceInvoke="OnAfterServiceInvoke" /> </cc1:PivotGrid>
    <cc1:PivotSchemaDesigner ID="PivotSchemaDesigner" runat=server></cc1:PivotSchemaDesigner>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        OnAfterServiceInvoke = function(evt) {
            if (evt.action == "initialize") {
                var PivotSchemaDesigner = $("#PivotSchemaDesigner").data('ejPivotSchemaDesigner');
                if (PivotSchemaDesigner.model.pivotControl == null) {
                    PivotSchemaDesigner.model.pivotControl = this;
                    PivotSchemaDesigner.model.enableWrapper = true;
                    PivotSchemaDesigner.model.layout = "excel";

    Defer update in ASP NET pivot grid OLAP server mode