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GroupButton can populate the groupbutton items based on datasource and by specifying the associated fields. You can bind data from both remote and local sources.
Refer the below table to know about the available fields



DataSource DataSource receives list that are to be added in Groupbutton items.
Query It receives query to retrieve data from the table (query is same as SQL). Example: ej.Query().from("Categories").select("CategoryID,CategoryName").take(4);
DataTextField Specifies the text of Groupbutton items
DataUrlField Specifies the href attribute of “A” Groupbutton items
DataLinkAttributeField Specifies the link attribute to “A” tag in Groupbutton items
DataImageAttributeField Specifies the image attribute to “IMG” tag in Groupbutton items
DataHtmlAttributeField Specifies the HTML attributes to “LI” item list
DataImagePositionField Specifies the position of the prefix icon
DataPrefixIconField Specifies the prefix icon class of GroupButton items
DataSuffixIconField Specifies the suffix icon class of GroupButton items
DataSelectedField Specifies whether the groupbutton item is selected or not

Object DataSource

You can populate groupbutton items with local data by using the ObjectDataSource control which returns the Dataset or IEnumerable Object.
Connect to the local ObjectDataSource with DataSourceID property and map the datasource fields to the properties available in the object datasource.

Add the following code to the Aspx page.

  • HTML
  • <ej:GroupButton runat="server" ID="Grp_btn_ds" ClientIDMode="Static" DataTextField="text" DataSourceID="ObjectDatasource_grp" Size="Large">
    <asp:ObjectDataSource ID="ObjectDatasource_grp" runat="server" TypeName="SyncfusionASPNETWebApplication1.Models.Datasource" SelectMethod="getDataSource"></asp:ObjectDataSource>

    Define Object DataSource elements with the DataTextField that are to be mapped to GroupButton in code behind and map the list data to DataSource property.

  • C#
  • public class DataItems
        public string text {get; set;}
    public class DataSource
        public List<DataItems> GroupButtonItems{get; set;}
        public List<DataItems> getDataSource()
            this.GroupButtonItems = new List<DataItems>();
            this.GroupButtonItems.Add(new DataItems { text = "dataitem1" });
            this.GroupButtonItems.Add(new DataItems { text = "dataitem2" });
            this.GroupButtonItems.Add(new DataItems { text = "dataitem3" });
            return this.GroupButtonItems;

    The following screenshot displays the output of above code.

    Remote Datasource

    The Groupbutton control provides support to bind the items with Remote source. Here the datasource is accessed from a web service in the form of JSON Data in page load event.

    In the following code example, is used as the URL. Here, it acts as web service that is located in the Syncfusion server. The web service used here is Northwnd.svc.

    Add the following code example in your ASPX page.

  • HTML
  • <ej:GroupButton runat="server" ID="GroupButton6" ClientIDMode="Static" DataTextField="CategoryName" Size="Large">
  • C#
  • protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            GroupButton6.DataSource = "";
            GroupButton6.Query = "ej.Query().from('Categories').select('CategoryID,CategoryName').take(4)";

    The following screenshot displays the output of the above code example.

    XML Data binding

    XML data can be used in Groupbutton to populate the groupbutton items by using XmlDataSource control. This control can be mapped to Groupbutton control by using DataSourceID property available in Groupbutton.
    In the design page, map the Groupbutton item properties to XML data properties as given below.

  • HTML
  • <ej:GroupButton runat="server" ID="GroupButton7" ClientIDMode="Static" DataTextField="Text" DataSourceID="xml_grp_btn">
    <asp:XmlDataSource ID="xml_grp_btn" runat="server" DataFile ="App_Data/XMLData.xml"></asp:XmlDataSource>

    Load the Groupbutton items in the XML data as illustrated in the following code example in a XML file “XMLData.xml”.

  • XAML
  • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <Item Text="Foundation"></Item>
    <Item Text="Launch"></Item>
    <Item Text="Company" ></Item>
    <Item Text="Location"></Item>

    The following screenshot displays the output for the XML Data binding.