Validating Schedule Dates

1 Mar 20171 minute to read

Validating schedule dates is used to change the schedule start date and end date dynamically. By this support, schedule-start-date and schedule-end-date can be automatically updated from the data source. When you change the date of any task item to the date that is beyond schedule-start-date or schedule-end-date through cell editing, taskbar editing, dialog editing or toolbar operation, then the schedule-start-date and schedule-end-date can be dynamically updated based on that task item’s date.

prevTimeSpan and nextTimeSpan toolbar items are used to create new time span based on the schedule mode.

  • <ej-gantt id="ganttSample" datasource="ViewBag.datasource"
            <e-gantt-toolbar-settings show-toolbar="true" toolbar-items="@(new List<string>() { "prevTimeSpan","nextTimeSpan" })">

    The following screenshot illustrates the output of the above code.