File Actions

11 Jan 20181 minute to read

The file explorer provides the support for file and folder related operations and these can be done through the toolbar items as well as through the context menu items.

File action through Toolbar

The toolbar element is placed in the header section, and it has the list of tools to perform the file, navigation, and search related operations.
For more details about file action through toolbar, please refer here.

File action through Context menu

The file explorer has the support for context menu that will open the file or folder by right click method. The context menu has the set of items that is used to perform the corresponding operations in a handy picture way. For example, the user can delete the file through the context menu by right click on it.

In file explorer, the context menu will appears in the following places.

  • While right click on “TreeView” nodes (from navigation pane)

  • While right click the file/folder

  • While right click on layout (content pane)

For more details about file action through context menu, please refer here.