Marker Customization

You can customize markers by initializing the e-markerSettings property. The customization option allow you to change the visibility, fill, width, opacity and border option color, width, opacity for marker. This customization only applicable for line, column and area type Sparkline.

  • HTML
  • <html xmlns="" lang="en" ng-app="SparklineApp">
            <title>Essential Studio for AngularJS: Sparkline</title>
            <!--CSS and Script file References -->
      <body ng-controller="SparkCtrl">
        <div id="container" >
        <ej-sparkline e-markersettings-visible="true" e-markersettings-fill="#ff14ae" e-markersettings-width="4" 
        angular.module('SparkApp', ['ejangular'])
        .controller('SparkCtrl', function ($scope) {